Paprika App Review (My Favorite Recipe App!)

Paprika App Review

When I was little, I aspired to have a robust recipe box or book filled with handwritten notes and clippings from friends, family, and newspapers. I even made my own at a couple different times through the years and was excited to one day have my own house or apartment, carefully select a recipe, and cook it in my kitchen. Obviously the internet has become a thing since that initial childhood vision and while I’ve collected my fair share of clipped recipes, many of my go-tos have also made their way to me via email, text, a blog, and now…screenshots of Instagram Stories. It’s not that the days of recipe books and boxes are over, but the Paprika App lets you catalog recipes digitally and has been a game changer for me in the past couple of years!


When a former manager showed me the app three or so years ago, I nearly dismissed it off the bat–it was $4.99 and I’d literally never spent money on apps! (So many are free…) The thought of recipes living digitally felt strange and I assumed Paprika would contain overly involved functions J and I would never use. I still casually mentioned it to him anyway (out of desperation to get a guy who doesn’t live with a partner to cook) and he downloaded it almost immediately and started to rave about its capabilities and ease of use…you can download any recipe from the web into the app and it breaks down the ingredients and cooking directions + saves the recipe; it’ll scale ingredients down based on your desired serving size; the interface is interactive so you can literally cross things off within the app as you complete them, and if you choose (we haven’t done these) you can build a grocery list based off several recipes and create a monthly meal plan. My favorite feature is that when you have the app open, your iPhone screen doesn’t dim–so you don’t have to keep touching it to keep the screen “on”! Having to constantly hold my phone or unlock it while cooking drives me nuts so that alone makes Paprika worth it to me.

Paprika App Review

We have yet to get the desktop or iPad versions because they’re $29.99 and the phone app has worked well for us! I feel like there are still some features we could be utilizing but having all our recipes in one place, gradually adding the ones we have jotted down or saved elsewhere, being able to search within the app, and have an easy digital “cookbook” when our hands are full in the kitchen is amazing. We share the same login so recipes deposit into the same account, which is what I’d recommend if you live with or regularly cook with someone else (or just want to share a pool of recipes with someone else!).

If you have the app, let me know if there are any key features we really need to try and if you don’t have it but end up downloading it, tell me what you think!

Paprika App Review

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