Friday Things

It’s been more than a minute since my last Friday Things post but I wanted to drop in before breaking for the holidays! It always feels overdone to say that it’s crazy how quickly a year came to an end but with everyone talking about the end of the decade, it’s really crazy to think back to 10 years ago when I was just a college freshman home for my first winter break. If you’d told me that 10 years later I’d be a graphic designer, living in a little sub-600 square foot apartment in downtown DC with a boy + a dog, and that boy (who I’d meet less than a year and a half later) would be my fiance, I’m not sure I’d have believed you. Life has a funny way of working itself out and 2020 is already shaping up to be an exciting, eventful year. I’m going to do an end of year recap post on New Years Eve but to all of you: thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and for reading…my posting was a little more sporadic the latter half of the year but some changes (that I can’t wait to share) in the coming weeks should help streamline things a bit and get us back to regularly scheduled programming :) Happy holidays and safe travels if you’re heading out of town!


+ Claire and her friend Jaimee put together an amazing local gift guide to Litchfield County–check it out if you live in or are planning to be near the area! I can personally attest to Oliphant being one of the most well-curated gift shops I’ve ever seen…I picked up a pair of salad tons for Katie’s birthday a couple of years ago (on this trip)!

+ Heather wrote about the pantry essentials she always has on hand and it’s a great read if you’re looking to stock the cabinets for more at-home cooking in 2020!

+ I want to make this easy kale salad.

+ My three gift guides this year (many items have free two day shipping if you’re still shopping!): Stocking Stuffers and misc. gifts, gifts for her, and gifts for him.

+ I love everything Erin Gates designs and thoroughly enjoyed seeing before and after photos of her own home. So much inspiration to be had (and proof that one should always keep potential in mind even if you don’t love something off the bat!)

+ Cutest nursery/kids room inspiration, right this way!

+ I love mushrooms and enjoy cooking with them, but rarely ever know what I’m doing. I bookmarked this Whole Foods guide for reference!

+ We made this pie for Thanksgiving and I would 10/10 recommend.

+ Do you follow Trader Joe’s influencers on Instagram? I follow a couple and credit them to some of my better discoveries! (Shameless plug: I now have a TJ’s highlight on my IG Stories!)


+ 6 books I recently read and loved.

+ A simple at-home recipe for my favorite winter cocktail.

+ How we decorate for the holidays (and fit a full-sized tree in our tiny high-rise apartment!).

+ My love for cashmere continues…

+ Get to know the ladies behind one of my favorite brands–their blankets make the ultimate gift!

+ We’re engaged!

+ My first Wedding Wednesday post.

+ What I Actually Wore Vol. 2.

+ My favorite recipe app and how we use it.

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