Hi friends! I took this week off between ending my last job and starting my new one, and in what will probably surprise no one, have given myself a mile-long to do list that includes everything from doing my 2019 taxes and some prep for my new gig, to scrubbing the bathtub, going to the dentist + doctor, and getting a massage. The biggest thing on my list is to give this site a little visual upgrade and while I was planning on also queuing up three blog posts this week (I’ve happily been back on that train in 2020 so far!), am going to forego those and focus on getting my new design set up. As I’m sure was the case for many of you, yesterday’s news of Kobe’s passing hit me hard–I avidly kept up with the NBA during my middle and high school years but basketball aside, times like this really make you stop and put things into perspective. I ended up not opening my laptop yesterday afternoon and we had a low key afternoon at home and ended the night with the Grammys. Sending a virtual hug to anyone who could use one…see you back here on Friday (or Monday, if things get behind schedule…!).

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