The Best Things I Bought in 2019

In the spirit of wrapping up 2019, I wanted to highlight my best purchases over the past year. Most are clothing-related but some aren’t, and all are things I’m really glad I purchased. As I mentioned last week, I was much more intentional about my shopping last year and plan to carry that through 2020–but plan to further cut down on what I actually purchase!

Lake Pajamas //

I got my first pair of Lake Pajamas in their summer sale (one of two promotions they have each year!) and was immediately hooked. I got a pima cotton shorts set and the quality is unbeatable…I run really warm and regularly wake up overheated, but that’s literally only happened two times when I’ve been wearing my Lake PJs. I snagged another pair in their Black Friday sale and J’s parents gifted me a set last month. It’s been so liberating tossing some of my 5+ year old boxers and sorority tees in favor of more “adult” PJs!

Hudson ‘Nico’ Jeans //

I got these jeans nearly a year ago, right in the beginning of 2019, thanks to a gift card to South Moon Under that I’d been sitting on for years. I literally walked into the store looking for a basic blue skinny jean and came out with this pair. Normally I pore over reviews for something like designer jeans, but went in blind and was not led astray! I wear them more than any other pair of pants in my closet (yay for working in a casual office) and the only downside is they’re a bit long so I end often up cuffing them. I may eventually get them hemmed but I continually each for them thanks to the perfect year-round wash and due to the fact that they don’t sag at all, even after several wears.

Adidas Ultraboost sneakers //

Leggings + sneakers see a lot of wear around here, between walking over taking cars/public transportation (a highlight in 2019!) and walking the dog! I have flat feet and a lot of ongoing foot pain and also regularly commute to work in sneakers, so tend to rely on something supportive yet not as bulky as (and a little more stylish than) my gym sneakers. There’s a reason Ultraboosts have such a dedicated following–they’re well worth the extra dollars compared to similar styles! I randomly got a hole at the top of my first pair but Nordstrom was great about the return (which is why I shop with them whenever I can, especially if I’m buying something pricey!). If you’re looking for a pair of the optimal athleisure sneakers, I can’t recommend them enough. They go in and out of stock and there are a couple different “generations” on the market, but Nordstrom seems to be well-stocked right now!

Dudley Stephens boatneck fleece //

I wear all my Dudley Stephens fleeces on repeat but got the most mileage out of this one last year, thanks to the lighter terry fabric that made it perfect for the summer months, too. I always take some kind of pullover on flights and this did the trick, plus worked well when we traveled to destinations where the temperature unexpectedly dropped or evenings were cooler (both of these things happened in Newport!). If you’re new to DS, you can take $25 off your first purchase of $150 or more with this link!

ChappyWrap //

You can read my interview with the ladies behind ChappyWrap here, and I continue to sing the praises of this wonderful product and brand. We LOVE ours and Millie even got her own little one for Christmas :) They’ve turned into a go-to wedding gift for us and while our full-sized one lives on the couch right now, I love knowing that if we choose, it’s large enough to function as a bedspread down the line.

Beautycounter Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation //

As far as makeup goes, I regularly only use tinted moisturizer and was looking to try something new after running out of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream that I’d been using for the past couple of years. I’d tried a couple things from Beautycounter in the past but decided to spring for their tinted moisturizer and have been really happy with it. A little goes a long way, it’s “clean,” and the price point is good, too!

Zella 7/8 leggings //

As mentioned above, I live in leggings over the weekends year-round and while I’ve been tempted by pricier pairs, my tried and true favorites continue to be from Nordstrom’s in-house Zella brand. I have several pairs and while I wear the mid-cropped version with mesh to work out, love the 7/8 length for weekends, errands, lounging, and travel. They get marked down a handful of times each year (like right now–they’re 40% off!) but even at their full price, are much more affordable than many similar pairs on the market.

Yeti mug //

This was a late 2019 purchase for me but wow…the hype around this Yeti mug is so legitimate! I’m guilty of flitting around the apartment on weekday mornings and while I make my tea first thing, don’t always drink it in one sitting. It’s always cold by the time I’m finishing it up…until this mug! The first day I used it, I was baking a bunch of cookies and seriously appreciated being able to sip on hot tea for an hour since I was more focused on the cookies than drinking my tea.

Badger Headache Soother //

I first bought this a few years ago after reading about it on Cup of Jo and when it expired (there’s SO much in there, I used it pretty often but didn’t finish it!) I opted for a weird alternative that allegedly did the same thing. I’m not sure why I even bothered because this stick is easily in the top five best things under $10 that I’ve ever purchased! If you tend to get headaches–hormonal or otherwise–it’s like a magic cure. It comes in and out of stock from Amazon directly but you can also purchase via third-party sellers. I travel with it and always have it in my nightstand, and am SO glad I finally repurchased it in 2019.

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  1. I’ve heard such great things about Lake pjs! I really want a pair, but I’m a little turned off about the price. I will have to watch for those sales.
    Also really intrigued by the headache stick-sounds great!

    Posted 1.7.20 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      I was at first and when I finally bit the bullet, was annoyed at how long I waited haha! Definitely worth it on the sale front–I think the summer one was in July last year!

      Posted 1.9.20 Reply