Wedding Wednesday: Gathering Inspiration

I’m back with my second Wedding Wednesday post! We honestly haven’t done too much since the first post, but we do also now have signed contracts with the venues (our ceremony + rehearsal are technically different!) which feels like a great step. I’m going to hold off talking about the specific location till after the wedding but it’s going to be in upstate New York, which is where we went to college (go ‘Gate!) and met our sophomore year. That part of the country holds such a special place in our heart and while we considered other locations in The Berkshires and Maine, we ultimately settled on what we knew was the most “us.”

Next on our to-do list is to put together some inspiration to share with our planner. I hadn’t really thought about a specific “vibe” for my future wedding and the sparse Pinterest board I did have hadn’t been pinned to in years. The last time it saw any new additions was probably in 2015 because everything on there prominently featured over the top bows and body-hugging lace which doesn’t align with my stylistic preferences today! J and I are both typically on similar pages when it comes to aesthetics–I think I wore him down with my classic decorative style vs. his previously modern take on things…heh–but I was surprised neither of us had a certain vision beyond just a few general preferences in the first couple months after getting engaged.

In the past week, though, I had a breakthrough…I could not get “English countryside” out of my head. Neither of us gravitate towards “rustic” (having a barn wedding was immediately off the table) but I’ve always been drawn to classic British style and love the simplicity of an English countryside vibe. One of our goals is to keep our floral budget low and I love that this aesthetic allows for lots of greenery and can be done well with more sparse arrangements. Obviously we’re going to have to see how things fit in once we visit the space and our planner is going to pull everything together, but this breakthrough was the first time I could really see things coming together! J and I also both have an affinity for classic American style so we’re going to aim for a combination of the two. I’ve really mostly done research on the “countryside” aesthetic right now but see us potentially incorporating darker wood, blues, black, and stripes into the overall look.

So far, I love the blue tablecloth up top and the simplicity of white florals with greenery. A lot of this is a little too country for our venue but upstate New York’s natural beauty certainly lends itself to a similar idyllic vibe. My next step is going to be pulling inspiration that leans more “classic American” to see what specific elements we love and want to incorporate. My biggest takeaways so far have been that I haven’t found imagery of exactly what I (think) I’m envisioning (which is good, maybe, because originality?!) and that I’m having a harder time articulating what’s in my head (as you can probably tell by this post). If you have any favorite wedding resources, accounts, photo galleries, anything, please feel free to comment or send them my way…this early stage is fun but can be so overwhelming and I want to give our planner a better sense of what’s in our heads!

Images pulled from here, here, here, here, plus Kari Rider Events, Kerianne Nelson Flora, Naomi Kenton Photography, and Lily & Sage 

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