Around the World: Ashford Castle in Mayo, Ireland

Ashford Castle Ireland

I inadvertently took a hiatus from one of my favorite (and longest running) post series and am happy to be coming back with a bang! For those of you who are unfamiliar, I started this series, called Around the World, a few years ago to document hotel properties that caught my eye. Most of them are places I hope to see or stay at one day, and others are places I’ve actually had the pleasure of visiting.

Many of you have probably heard of Ashford Castle, a renowned castle and hotel in rural Ireland. It’s not easy to get to–Dublin is nearly three hours away and Shannon is an hour and a half–but if you’re willing to make the trip or driving the country, I’ve heard it’s not to be missed. I have such an appreciation for properties like this and Ashford Castle has been on my bucket list for years–fingers crossed we can one day pull off a stay!

While doing an overnight gives you full access to everything the property offers, you don’t have to book a stay to visit the grounds (for a fee), and there are several dining options and activities available to visitors. If you’re considering a visit, their FAQ page seems pretty comprehensive–I can’t speak to anything firsthand since I’ve never been!

Ashford Castle, Ireland

The Dungeon Bar
Prince Of Wales Room

I am obsessed with all of this–the fireplace, chairs, carpet, and wallpaper alone would make an incredible statement!

Junior Stateroom

I’ll take the club chairs and desk, please.

Reagan Suite

Never seen bed linens like this and am kind of digging them! Also, the views!

Images via the Ashford Castle website

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