Friday Things

We’re in the middle of a busy few weeks right now and I feel like time is flying! I was in NYC and then CT for work over the weekend into the early part of the workweek, and we’re heading on a little vacation to New Orleans tomorrow. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and overly tired the past couple of days so am hoping for an early bedtime today ahead of our trip! It’s going to be my first time in the Big Easy and based on the countless recommendations many of you sent my way, it sounds like most people are huge fans! Our favorite things to do while traveling tend to be walking around and eating so I’m convinced I’ll be a fan :) Hope you have a great, safe weekend!


+ What it’s like when your ex’s new girlfriend is Lady Gaga.

+ I frequently find myself screenshotting Instagram Stories with wine recommendations and love that Grace did a roundup on her blog! (She literally grew up in a restaurant so I trust all her food and drink recommendations.)

+ I recently snagged this top in black and am packing it in my suitcase this weekend–it’s quite heavy in a good way but doesn’t feel weighty when it’s on!  I have a medium. (If you don’t get it immediately, keep an eye on the sitewide discount…mine came out to $27.)

+ Saving this rainbow marble cake recipe to make later this year.

+ A fascinating deep dive on the analytics behind the Kensington Palace and Sussex Royal Instagram accounts.

+ I want to make this sesame miso ramen!

+ This just jumped to the top of my pile of books to read–I had some digital credits on Amazon and bought it, which is rare because I’m normally a library girl!


+ Nine things I’m loving right now (including a new bag purchase).

+ A new overdue Trader Joe’s roundup!

+ My favorite date night bars in DC.

+ A peek at Ashford Castle in Mayo, Ireland.

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