A Quick Chat With…Sarah of Sarah Flint

Sarah Flint interview

I’m so excited to share an interview with one of the most inspirational women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting–Sarah of Sarah Flint! Regulars around here know how much I’ve fallen in love with the Sarah Flint brand and I was so excited when Sarah agreed to be interviewed for this series. She regularly appears on their Instagram (and also has a personal account), and I hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit more here today! If you ever have the opportunity to see her speak–in person or on video–definitely tune in and be prepared to get inspired…she is so articulate and well spoken. Sarah and I chatted about our weddings, antiques, favorite treats (we both have insatiable sweet tooths), and upcoming styles when I visited their HQ in NYC a few weeks back, and I was so taken by her ability to make it feel like we were just friends catching up–not two people who just met for the first time!

(A reminder that you can take $50 off your first Sarah Flint purchase with code SARAHFLINT-BAMONICAD, and I rounded up some of my favorite styles at the bottom of this post!)

A Quick Chat With….Sarah of Sarah Flint

Age: 31
Hometown: Lincoln, MA
Currently live in: NYC
Current profession: Founder, Executive Chairman, and Creative Director of Sarah Flint

How big is the Sarah Flint team and can you shed some light on how you run the brand?

I’m very proud to say the Sarah Flint team is 26 people and growing! The team is made up of a group of wonderful people, primarily women, that run the day to day. I’m still extremely involved in all decisions, especially when it comes to creative direction, marketing, PR, and our presence on social channels.

Tell us a little bit about your decision to move to the direct-to-consumer model.

While not without risks, moving to a direct-to-consumer model has been the best decision we’ve ever made as a brand. It has allowed us to disrupt a broken model and attract a whole new generation of luxury consumers with better prices, original designs, and a brand voice empowering women.

It’s so cool seeing some of the most fashionable women around the world wear your styles! What’s it like seeing Sarah Flint in the wild like that?

It’s always extremely flattering and exciting when I see an influential woman wear my shoes. I know these women have access to every brand out there and always feel really proud when they choose Sarah Flint. But honestly, I get excited whenever I see our shoes out in the wild! It is an enormous privilege to have women choose our brand.

What makes SF shoes different from other brands in the market?

The mix of comfort and style is what really sets us apart from other brands. During my time at FIT, where I studied footwear design, it puzzled me that the shoes women spent the most money on were the ones that made your toes numb and eventually ended up at the back of your closet. I saw a real opportunity in the market to create beautifully designed, handmade shoes that didn’t sacrifice style for comfort.

Sarah Flint interview

Can you share a couple of your biggest “pinch me” moments?

Certainly the first time a celebrity wore our shoes (Heidi Klum!), getting my designs into Barneys, taking the brand direct to consumer, hiring our CEO, and seeing the team grow from 8 employees to 26 in a few short years.

Shifting gears: You’re engaged! Every peek I’ve seen of your wedding on Instagram looks incredible. Any tidbits you can share about the big day?

I will be wearing custom shoes designed just for the occasion and they will be available in very limited quantities for our customers. I’m so excited to show them off!

What’s next for the brand?

We’d love to continue to explore physical retail with pop-up shops in new markets in the next few years. My ultimate hope for the future is to build out a new kind of customer-first luxury brand where women can still find an original, designer product of the highest quality that is actually comfortable.

Sarah Flint interview

Organizational tool you can’t live without? Google Calendar

Last place you traveled? Avignon and Paris, France

Favorite restaurant in NYC? Claudette

Go-to weekday lunch? Sweetgreen

Go-to cocktail? Cosmopolitan

One piece of advice? Be relentless and knock on every door. The answer will always be ‘no’ if you don’t try.


My favorite Sarah Flint shoes/sandals:

+ Grear: My first SF purchase–I love the unique spin on a neutral summer sandal. They’re unlike anything I’d seen before and are what got me hooked on the brand!

+ Natalie: Meghan Markle wore these during her first appearance with Prince Harry, prompting a waitlist of thousands. There’s a reason this is a bestseller–it’s polished, neutral, and has just enough zhush to be a step up from a standard pointed toe flat.

+ Perfect Pump 85: The ultimate pointed toe pump. It’s hard to imagine the heel is a stiletto (they are seriously so comfortable) and the arch support is unlike anything I’ve seen in another shoe. This is a great intro to the brand!

+ Perfect Sandal 85: My newest SF shoe (I got the blush)! I was going to debut them at our engagement party last weekend (that sadly had to get canceled). They have the same arch support as the previously mentioned pumps and are just as comfortable.

The Perfect Block Sandal was just released yesterday and would be the perfect wedding shoe if anyone is in the market! I’m planning to get the black pair for dressier events, since I’m lacking a dark, neutral high-heeled sandal.

Size wise, I’m usually an 8 or 8.5 and consistently wear an 38.5 in Sarah Flint. If you have specific sizing questions, their customer service is incredible and helps with everything from picking styles that work best for your foot and lifestyle, to having their cobbler give your existing pair some TLC (on the house). More favorites linked below!

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