DC Takeout & Delivery During COVID-19

DC COVID-19 takeout and delivery ideas

I’ve had a list of Washington, DC restaurant recommendations for awhile (it lives under the “Travel” tab on my navigation bar) and in light of the city’s restaurant closures for the foreseeable future, I wanted to highlight some places that are offering carry-out and delivery during this difficult time.

Obviously we should all be being a little more financially prudent with all the economic uncertainty, but since money in the economy is what keeps it afloat, now is a great time to support businesses if you have the bandwidth to spend a little. Obviously I’m no financial professional and you should do what works best for your situation, but J and I are trying to support smaller businesses and local restaurants right now (in addition to cooking a lot at home!) We got takeout from Lucky Buns and Mr. Yogoto yesterday, and got beer delivered from Bluejacket. We’re going to try Komi’s “Happy Gyro: Carryout Edition” tonight–I never thought a Michelin starred restaurant would be offering sub-$15 takeout items, but here we are.

Below is a list of some of my favorite establishments doing carryout or delivery, plus a few others that have come my way in the past few days. If you’re looking for something incredibly comprehensive (beyond what I can personally speak to!), this list is great! Note that so many places also have beer, wine, and cocktails on their menu…it’s really impressive how quickly they’ve all shifted gears, and hope everyone can support how they can. Don’t forget about gift cards, too!

ALL PURPOSE PIZZERIA: Takeout and delivery

ANJU: Takeout

BLUEJACKET: Takeout and delivery

BUA THAI: Our favorite takeout! Also delivery

CACTUS CANTINA: According to Facebook, it looks like they’re doing delivery

CHAIA: Takeout and delivery

CHURCHKEY: Takeout and delivery

EMMY SQUARED: Delivery and takeout

IRON GATE: Takeout and delivery

JACK ROSE: Takeout (paused till noon tomorrow–updates on Instagram)

LAOS IN TOWN: Takeout and delivery

LAPIS: Takeout or delivery (more info on Instagram)

LEON: Free delivery, plus additional generous deals for healthcare workers, retail + hospitality workers, and kids


MAYDAN: Takeout

MEXICUE: Takeout and delivery (including margs–a free round with code THOMAS if you order $40+ of food)


RASIKA: Takeout and delivery at both locations

RED HEN: Takeout (their sausage rigatoni is to die for and if we had a car to drive there, I would be getting some!)

ROSE’S LUXURY: Takeout with delivery coming soon

RPM ITALIAN: Takeout and delivery

SOVEREIGN: Takeout and delivery

THE DABNEY: A 3-course menu for takeout

2 AMY’S: Takeout and delivery (but they had to pause due to the volume–they’re updating on Instagram)

DC friends–leave any other favs in the comments below!

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