Friday Things

I think J and I have woken up every morning this week and asked each other what day it was, but for what it’s worth, TGIF! Hopefully those of you who are working from home have gotten into a good rhythm and are looking forward to unplugging from your computers this weekend. Knowing that so many people are on the front lines of this virus and countless others have lost their jobs is a terrible feeling…I know everyone is feeling the same way so I don’t want to dwell on it here (and will continue to try and keep this site a happy escape!)–but thank you to everyone who is working overtime, putting themselves and family at risk, and basically doing more than those of us who are still doing our daily jobs and just staying indoors as much as possible. People who are working and parenting at the same time…props to you, too. If you’re interested, this piece has been circulating around my Twitter + IG Stories and it’s the best thing I’ve read to describe how many of us are likely feeling during this uncertain time.

Our weekend plans include finishing season two of Succession, ordering takeout from one of our favorite restaurants (we aren’t sure where yet!), taking Millie for some extended walks, and working through a pile of magazines. I hope you have a safe and healthy one!


+ Alison Roman’s recipes have been seemingly everywhere over the past few weeks (and with good reason–we loved her Lemony Turmeric Tea Cake) and I stumbled upon her personal website after listening to an interview with her on Second Life. Her site links to a ton of her published recipes so if you’re a fan, consider poking around!

+ How to make pasta at home–without a pasta maker!

+ The rise of the Mrs. Meyers soap brand…a timely read (we just bought a large refill from our hardware store this morning!).

+ Everlane has been marking down items in different ways (including in the form of “packages“) and their latest deal is $75 cashmere. I love their cashmere and have several styles, and have never seen them priced this low. You can see my post comparing the turtleneck (unfortunately not marked down) and crewneck (on sale) here! For size reference, I’m consistently a medium for a slightly looser fit.

+ The great workout app I’ve been using.

+ A trick for air drying your hair.

+ Three ingredient peanut butter cookies.

+ A quick list of 8 things to disinfect often (I’d add keys! And this was a good reminder to do the wallet once in awhile…)

+ Some book recs + bookshelf styling tips…bookshelves are always such a challenge to me, so I was excited that Erin compiled some inspiration that aligns with my own design preferences!

+ I want to make this corn dip!

+ Lots of Barbour is 40%+ off at Nordstrom–highlights include this and this (one of J’s all-time favorites and I just ordered it for my dad, too). Also, my favorite sneakers (I wear them for all our walks with Millie!) are a rare 30% off and selling out quickly!


+ DC friends: A roundup of some of my favorite restaurants offering takeout + delivery right now.

+ How I’m utilizing downtime + keeping busy during this time.

+ Makeup I use regularly (plus a couple skincare picks, including the best moisturizer ever).

+ Tuckernuck’s earring collection is incredible right now (plus they’re offering 20% off sitewide).

+ Pinching myself for getting to interview one of my favorite founders for A Quick Chat With…!

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