Recipes I Tried And Liked Vol. IV

Based on how many pantry staples have been in short supply whenever we’ve gone to the grocery store for a restock, I’d guess many of you are also spending any newfound free time dabbling in the kitchen! I’ve been baking up a storm and we’ve been cooking meals in a way that best maximizes our food for fewer trips to the grocery store, which has led to lunches and dinners being mostly compilations of random ingredients we have on hand (so not very “recipe worthy”). You can catch some of those non-recipe recipes on my Easy Eats Instagram Highlight but below are four things we’ve made and loved in the past couple of weeks!

Lemony Turmeric Tea Cake

I’m convinced that shallots are sold out everywhere because of Alison Roman, but luckily there’s a good chance you can still get ahold of the ingredients for this cake. (Though the all-purpose flour shortage seems to be real…not looking forward to running out of that!) I made it a couple of weeks ago and will probably do so again later this week…it’s delicious as breakfast, a snack, or a post-dinner sweet treat. The turmeric flavor isn’t overpowering–this is definitely more of a lemon-focused cake. My only takeaway is to make sure the lemon slices for the topping are really thin–otherwise they’re tough to cut and very tart!

West African Peanut Soup

I wanted to find a simple, veggie-packed soup recipe that didn’t require too many ingredients and landed on this one from Cookie & Kate (her farro + kale salad is one of our favorites!). We used kale instead of collard greens and served it with a small portion of brown rice. Highly recommend this if you like peanut-based recipes and want to make a thicker soup without adding cream!

Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake

My soft spot for cake is currently out in full force and this is the first thing I baked after starting our social distancing over two weeks ago. I found it because we hadn’t used our bundt cake pan in far too long given how much cabinet real estate it occupies, and because we had sour cream that was going to go bad within a couple days. We didn’t do the glaze and it was still great! I ate it as “bread” for breakfast (paired with strawberries) and with ice cream for dessert.

Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats

We had an Instant Pot steel cut oats recipe that we used consistently but somehow misplaced it and realized we’d never saved it in Paprika or anywhere else! It included a step to toast your oats on the stove before putting them into the pressure cooker, and while it meant dirtying another thing and a few extra minutes, I loved that it brought out the nutty flavor of the oats. Anyway, with those instructions MIA, we were looking for another Instant Pot steel cut recipe and came across this one. Erin’s recipes are easy to follow and this is foolproof! I’d recommend making a large batch at the beginning of the week…we’ll eat it for breakfast and add toppings like cinnamon, granola, honey, coconut flakes, and cut fruit.


If there are any recipes you’ve tried and loved lately, feel free to drop the links in the comments below! I’m thinking enchiladas may be on our to-make shortlist next…

P.S. Four other recipes I tried and liked.

P.P.S. Another thing I baked last week!

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