Utilizing Downtime + Keeping Busy

I think everyone with a blog or online presence is trying to figure out how to handle this weird time. It feels frivolous to be posting about sales and product, yet the economy is hurting, small businesses are stressed, and most of us are looking for some kind of escape from the news and Twitter. I wanted to compile ways I’ve passed the time over the past few days, share some smaller businesses I love, and pull together some of my favorite blogs and posts from the archives of this site. Hopefully this helps you pass the time in the best possible way!

Productive ways to pass the time:

+ Clean your makeup brushes.

+ Go nail polish-free…let your nails breathe! No one will see them anyway :)

+ Similarly, throw out old nail polish you don’t wear anymore.

+ Do a full closet purge. Depending on where you live, there may be donation drop-off bins within walking distance so you can get things out of your space while getting some fresh air.

+ Scrub the bathtub. I love cleaning but this is my least favorite and is the easiest to put off!

+ Send some snail mail.

+ Go through your pantry and throw out expired items–there’s probably more in there than you think! (But note that just because something says “best by” a certain date doesn’t mean it’s gone bad after that…do some googling and use your judgement before tossing!)

+ Read magazines and books you’ve let pile up.

+ Set up a password protector (like LastPass or Dashlane), or change the passwords for your bank accounts, social media platforms, etc.

+ Delete old/unwanted photos from your camera roll to help free up phone storage.

+ Go through old files on your computer and delete what you don’t need.

+ WD-40 any creaky doors in your home.

+ Take a deep dive into a budget software like Mint or YNAB.

Some of my favorite small businesses:

It goes without saying…small businesses can use a boost right now. Here are some of my favorites!

+ THOM KELLY: Great American-made basics (most of which are very WFH-friendly!)–the Charlotte Sweatshirt is my favorite!

+ CHAPPYWRAP: Cozy is the name of the game right now and our ChappyWrap is the most used blanket in our home (and we have a lot!). They’re also one of our go-to wedding gifts.

+ DUDLEY STEPHENS: The ultimate social distancing uniform (that works just as well when we aren’t social distancing). $25 off your first purchase of $150 or more with this link!

+ TUCKERNUCK: They’re offering 20% off sitewide with code TNUCK20. So many good new arrivals, and so much good stuff on sale!

+ WEEZIE TOWELS: I posted about them earlier this week and on Instagram but I love my new makeup towels and see a towel overhaul in my future!

+ SARAH FLINT: You’ve heard me rave about SF shoes forever. If you’re considering a pair (or one of their new scarves), this is the time to buy–they’re donating 25% of all proceeds to an organization that helps hospitals in Italy. You can use this link to take $50 off your first purchase.

+ SWEET & SPARK: A perfectly curated collection of vintage jewelry, and more!

+ PERSIFOR: The best when the weather turns warm! I talked about my love for their newest styles in this post.

Read some blogs!

Listing a few of my daily reads here…I use Bloglovin’ to aggregate my favorites. This industry is taking a hit right now and every blogger will appreciate clicks, pageviews, spreading the word, shopping from her links, etc.!

+ The Stripe

+ A Touch of Teal

+ Home with the Wiley’s

+ Design Darling

+ Carly the Prepster

+ Cup of Jo

+ For the Long Hall

+ Cobalt Chronicles

+ Covering the Bases

+ Lemon Stripes

+ DC Girl in Pearls

+ Heather Bien

+ Purely Simply

+ Victoria McGinley

+ Summer Wind

+ Wit & Whimsy

+ Pearl Girl

+ Elements of Style

+ York Avenue

From the archives…

+ If you could live in another city, which one would it be? (The comments are fun!)

+ Seven girls on what it was like to move in with their significant others.

+ Drink recipes.

+ Our engagement story!

+ A yummy, healthy-ish snack to make at home.

+ How to efficiently clean out old emails from you inbox.

+ My most favorite bread! The perfect way to use up ripe bananas.

+ Interviews with inspiring women.

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