A Small Business to Support: 30% off Mi Golondrina

Mi Golondrina Sale

Given the unprecedented nature of the times, many companies–small businesses included–are having sitewide sales for the first time ever. It’s yet another reminder that things are so far from business as usual right now and is part of why I’m trying to “shop small” whenever I’m in the market to buy something.

One of the most beautiful things in my closet is a top from Dallas-based (hometown pride!) Mi Golondrina…you can see it in action in this post! It’s one of those pieces that gets you stopped every time you wear it, plus the entire line is 100% cotton and therefore perfect for wear throughout the summer. They’re offering 30% off sitewide (minus hair accessories) for the first time ever. It took me awhile to finally snag my Flores Blouse because of the higher price tag, but as soon it arrived I could tell it was well worth the cost. Definitely read about the company if you aren’t already familiar–how they make the garments is incredible. I wasn’t on a self-imposed spending freeze, I’d be adding this to my closet immediately!

Sales are final so I’ll try to be as detailed as I can with sizing…they’ve also been pretty quick to respond over email in the past, so shoot them a note or a DM on Instagram if you have any doubts! I wear a size small in the signature Flores Blouse style but would have taken an extra small if it wasn’t for my broader shoulders and larger chest; so if you’re in-between sizes, go down. The fit is supposed to be very generous around the midsection. They typically offer alternations but aren’t doing them for this sale…if you’re local to Dallas, try reaching out after, though because their customer services is amazing so they may be able to help you out. Things are selling out quickly (multiple things I was going to feature sold out while I was working on this!) but there are easy filters to search by size, so I’d recommend doing that given how many styles and colors there are to choose from.

A few of my current favorites…



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