Friday Things

A snap of a normally bustling New Hampshire Avenue from a rainy morning this week

Another Friday at home! How is everyone holding up? I feel like everything is in waves for me…when I’m busy with work, doing random projects at home, or reading I’m able to distract myself, but it’s a constant battle to stay busy and mentally preoccupied to avoid hopping on Twitter and getting sucked into the news–a surefire way to dampen my mood. J is pretty in tune with breaking news because of his job so I trust that anything critical will be in front of my eyes immediately!

We’ve been trying to stick with our pre-social distancing routine as a shell for our day and that means catching the Today Show is still on my agenda! I’ve been turning it on right at 7am for years (with a break within the first hour or so to walk Millie) and while it’s obviously a lot of current news and the third hour has a bunch of previously recorded content, I’ve loved having Savannah, Hoda, Craig, Al, Jenna and the rest of the crew in our living room for a sense of normalcy. (Seeing some their home setups have been impressive!). If you’re looking to stay on top of current events but with friendly faces and a healthy dose of lighter content, I’d highly recommend tuning in :)


+ 3 things to keep in your fridge that will help elevate basic meals.

+ Another great one from Jessica: how to make those great crispy quesadillas.

+ Rebecca Atwood just launched the dreamiest line with Pottery Barn.

+ We just added these cherries to our last Amazon order and can’t wait to take our homemade cocktails to the next level!

+ I’ve been pulling some more inspiration for our wedding and finally did another deep dive on Over the Moon’s website…I’ve followed them on IG for awhile, but if you want to get down a rabbit hole of beauty, you’ll find it here!

+ Kate & Will just hired Harry & Meghan’s former social media manager.

+ A great playlist and cheerful songs to add to your queue.

+ If you’re looking for movie night ideas, Krista has you covered with this post, featuring the Best Picture winners by the decade!

+ Jen’s blog is always a great read, and I especially love her Q&A posts.

+ We’re getting more comfortable using our cast iron skillet (they feel so high maintenance to a newbie!) and I really want to make something decadent like a skillet brownie or cookie.

+ Speaking of kitchen gadgets: We finally ordered a dutch oven–this one thanks to Claire’s recommendation. Our plan for the past few years was to make do with our minimal kitchen equipment and do a big overhaul with a wedding registry, but a dutch oven is the one thing we keep coming back to as we get more comfortable with cooking meat at home. Will report back but I have high hopes!


+ Four recipes I recently tried and liked.

+ A super simple, yummy (Vitamin C-packed) cocktail recipe.

+ Some of my favorite needlepoint resources + shops if you’re thinking of starting a new hobby.

+ A great small business to support–Mi Golondrina is 30% off!

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