My Favorite Places to Buy Dog Toys + Accessories

Those of you who follow me on Instagram are no stranger to our toy cockapoo, Millie, but I recently realized she doesn’t appear on the blog too often! We got her almost two years ago (you can read about it here) and I’m planning to do a full post about her next month to make her third adoptiversary. In the meantime, I got the idea to share some of our favorite places to buy supplies, toys, and “fun things” after a follower on Instagram asked where we got one of her beds!

While we try not to overdo buying things for Millie, she’s definitely spoiled…she has three actual dog beds in our 540 square feet apartment. She’s only allowed on our bed if we put her up there (which usually only happens for a few minutes on a weekend morning) but the couch is 100% her fourth bed. My priority is to make sure her stuff blends in as much as possible with our own things, so if you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing items for your pooch, hopefully this is helpful!


I’ve raved about Backcountry for my own shopping (seriously, their customer service and selection are unparalleled) but the have a pretty good pet product section, too. I always wanted my future dog to have a Barbour bed and we got her one last summer after passing the year mark with her cheap bed! (If you’re getting a puppy, I recommend buying something inexpensive to start…you don’t know if they’ll destroy it.) She loves her Barbour and is always resting her head on the high edges. It’s pretty, too!


ChappyWraps are one of Millie’s all-time favorite things…she has her own little one (a Christmas gift from J’s parents) and also commandeers our large one on the couch. I’ve raved about these blankets before–and you can read my interview with the founders here!–but they’re beautifully made, so cozy, and worth every penny.

L.L. Bean

Where we got this bed (it’s currently her “window seat”) and her food mat. I’d say this is probably her least-used bed out of the three, but we think it’s because she has strong preferences towards having a ledge (like the one on her Barbour) or being in an enclosed space (like her tent, mentioned below). However, she’s been using it more and more since we moved it by the window right after taking down her crate, and I think she finally realizes it gives her ample space to stretch out vs. curl up! The food mat is literally the best…it hides crumbs and any spills roll right off. We also have the Sweater Fleece in two colors.


We haven’t bought Millie anything from Orvis specifically, but they carry lots of big brands (like Barbour) and have a ton of pet accessory options if you’re looking for chicer items! My bff’s dog has one of these collars and I love that it eliminates the need for a tag. There’s an entire “dog” category on their website!

One Kings Lane

OKL used to have a great pet section but it’s looking really sparse right now! They regularly get new items so it’s worth checking back if you like their product style. We got Millie a great bone + blanket set early on (you can see the blanket here) and it’s washed and worn so well. The brand is Harry Barker and they have some of the cutest things on the market!

Joss & Main

Similar to OKL–they have a constantly changing selection! I love this bed and these bowls. They’re in the same family of brands as Wayfair so I’d recommend checking both to compare prices…sometimes Wayfair is significantly cheaper.

Harry Barker

As mentioned above, and worth their own shoutout because I love everything they make! You can also shop some of their items at Pottery Barn–we have a similar tin that holds her food bag and packs of treats (I’d recommend putting the food bag directly in vs. transferring the food so it stays clean + things don’t get stale). The leashes and collars are so cute and they have some great beds.


Chewy is basically the Amazon for pets and is the best. Their customer service is notably good and they have all the basics as well as cute toys and beds. We got Millie this “tent bed” a year and a half ago and she sleeps in it every single night! The main cushion gets worn out easily but we’ve added a couple thin blankets to keep it cozy. It washes well in our machine, too. We’re convinced she sleep trained immediately thanks to this “heartbeat” dog…it sounds weird and I was reluctant to spend $40 on it, but it was 100% worth it. Most of Millie’s toys have also come from Chewy–it’s nice being able to read so many reviews before purchasing, and comforting to know they’ll make it right if she destroys something too quickly! Some of her favorites are this ball, these squirrels, and these penguins. We also got her this toy for her first birthday and they have the best variety of her favorite everyday treats.


We ordered a bunch of essentials off Amazon including her crate, carrier, pee pads, first bed, and the holy grail stain + odor remover. Along with Chewy, it’s unsurprisingly our go-to for basics!


One more uncategorized item…a toy basket! We got ours at TJMaxx but it’s similar to this and the rule is all her toys that are currently out have to fit in it. Also this set of dumplings is hands down her favorite toy. They were an impulse purchase when we had to hit the free shipping threshold and we’re probably going to order another set soon.

Feel free to share some of your favorites below, and let me know if you have any questions!

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