Some Needlepointing Tips + Resources

Needlepoint Tips

I’ve mentioned it in passing, but one of the best things I “got into” last year was needlepointing (it even made it into this post as one of my highlights of last year!). Needlepoint’s popularity seems to be growing by the day–thanks in part to the prevalence of grandmillenial style and social distancing–and if you’re looking for a screen-free hobby to pick up, I can’t recommend it enough. There are so many online how-tos and resources to get started but I wanted to compile some of my favorites, since obviously going out to a store isn’t possible right now.


+ This post from Carly is packed with information on how to get started. It breaks down everything from tutorials to her favorite canvas shops. 100% agree with her stance on the continental stitch…it’s currently the only one I’ve mastered.

+ There are Stitch Clubs all over the country, so check to see if there’s one in your city! I keep having scheduling conflicts with the DC meetups but plan to go as soon as I can.

+ Carly posted this on Instagram–Brooke made her Beginner’s Guide to Needlepoint a free download. I just got it and am excited to learn some new stitches. This looks so comprehensive if you’re just starting out!

+ Not a resource per se but Amy (who has incredible taste) recently started a needlepoint Instagram account and I’m here for it.

Where to buy

The first thing I did when I decided to start needlepointing is look up the closest shop near me! The Point of It All (TPOIA) is a short metro ride away and it’s such a great little shop. Laurie gave me an hour-long lesson on the spot (well worth the $40) and everyone there is absolutely wonderful. Highly recommend checking out if there’s a store near you, especially during this time…most seem to be shipping despite store closures and would likely be more than willing to help you get setup if you contact via email or Instagram DM!

TPOIA: Their online shop has a great selection! This is a great starter canvas (“10 mesh” is easier than the common “18 mesh”), New Yorkers should preorder this, and there are countless ornaments if you’re looking to start early this year!

Pip & Roo: An amazing selection of canvases in a variety of sizes…I’m currently working on this one, as pictured above, and have made some good progress since that was taken! You do have to order fibers separately–I went to TPOIA in person and got mine but if you send them a picture of your canvas, they’ll recommend colors and send them your way!

Morgan Julia Designs: Her canvases are gorgeous! There’s also a big restock coming this week. While most canvases come without fibers, she does have a few kits you can purchase and they’re listed in this post. If you just want to place one order and get everything you need to get started in one go, definitely consider a kit.

Sara Fitz: I’ve been following Sara for years and was so glad to see her dip her toes into the needlepoint game! I immediately ordered the navy and white striped shirt (of course) and plan to work on it once I’m done with my Wagoneer.

Lycette Designs: A Palm Beach-based needlepoint shop with an insane amount of stock! Their website has been under construction but they’re doing business via Instagram right now. They’re a fun follow, even if you’re not looking to buy canvases or fibers right now but are just interested in keeping up with the craft! They have a massive selection of all things needlepoint and it’s easy to get lost going down the rabbit hole of canvases! They have a ton of kits for sale (just adjust the price slider because when you first click over, they’re  $$!).

Etsy: There are so many people selling hand-painted canvases on Etsy…just do a quick search for “needlepoint canvases.” A few that caught my eye were MyPinkSugarLife, this custom pennant ornament (I want to do a Colgate one!), and Silver Stitch.


I wouldn’t recommend Amazon for most needlepointing supplies but the one thing they do have are some of the little craft scissors that are game-changing. These guys are very sharp (yet somehow TSA-compliant), so having the plastic covering over the point is really helpful. I got mine at TPOIA and your local store should have them, too.

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