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Sephora Sale Picks

I wasn’t planning on doing a blog post on my picks from the Sephora sale, but did a poll over on Instagram and many people requested a roundup…so here we are! This post covers many of my favorites so I’ll include those items below but let you click over to read more about each. Rouge and VIB insiders are shopping at 20% off and 15% off, respectively, and the rest of us Insiders get 10% off starting tomorrow through Monday. (You don’t have to do much to become an Insider…just create an account online!) 10% off isn’t a tremendous deal but it’s good if you’re trying to replenish some basics or try something out that normally isn’t marked down. Many of these brands can be tough to find on sale!

Things I own + love

+ This is my all-time favorite face cleanser…it doesn’t make me break out, isn’t drying, and works so well with my Foreo.

+ I have an older version of this sunscreen but am going to order more since mine’s almost out!

+ I swear by this body gel for sore muscles and after a long day. (If you’ve bought it before or are confident you’ll love it, it’s currently 25% off at Neiman Marcus…they’re apparently about to declare bankruptcy so I just don’t know how returns will go!)

+ Hair products are few and far between for me but this finishing spray is one of my favorites–it’s great at volumizing and I always use it in place of hairspray when I curl my hair.

_ I used to use this CC+ cream after receiving it in a press package. It’s wonderful! I currently use one from Beautycounter but love this one enough to buy it again, too.

+ I have a different T3 hair dryer but it’s the best. I’d buy this one if I didn’t…it’s compact and dual voltage, plus is doubly on sale!

+ I rarely wear lipstick, and use this tinted balm (with sunscreen!) instead.

+ A basic beautyblender that’s served me well for the past 2+ years!

And as mentioned in this post:

+ My favorite moisturizer (the mini size lasts forever and is the best for travel)

+ This primer

+ This mascara if you’re looking to splurge

+ This setting powder

+ The best eyeshadow palette

+ My favorite blush

Things I’m buying

I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t have a full-coverage foundation and have been putting off finding one I love! My Beautycounter one is great but the coverage is really light (good for everyday wear, not as much for special events) and I have a lot of pigmentation I’d like to have the option to cover up for more formal events.

My plan was to go in-person and come home with a few samples…something I really dread doing because I hate being upsold and don’t like the overly made-up look that usually comes from having someone “do” your makeup at a store. My bff and I were going to go together during our girls trip in Savannah last month, but sadly that trip was a casualty of social distancing!

So many bloggers have shared their favorite foundations so thanks to recommendations from Sydney and Krista, I’m going to order this and this to try. Sephora has a generous return policy so I’m hoping I can try both and take back one if it doesn’t work well enough warrant having two on hand! I’m also getting a refill of my face sunscreen and cleanser.


+ I don’t need another setting powder right now because I have some of the Laura Mercier mentioned above (though it’s really old so I know I should probably toss it!) and another Chantecaille, but if I were shopping for another I’d try this one from Charlotte Tilbury.

+ If you’re looking for inexpensive items to help hit free shipping, I’d recommend a mini size of the finishing spray or moisturizer, the trusty rosebud salve, or great no-crease hair ties.

Hope this was helpful–feel free to leave any questions below!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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