Wedding Wednesday: Paper Suite Inspiration

Classic Wedding Paper Suite Inspiration

As a lifelong lover of snail mail and stationery, I’ve always figured I’d have strong opinions when it came to my future wedding’s paper suite…and that’s definitely proven to be the case! Serena and I met five years ago and after J and I became fast friends with both her and her husband, I knew I wanted her to work on our paper suite when the time came. We’ve joked about my “future wedding crest” for years and it’s finally becoming a reality!

We’re currently in the middle of the design process and I don’t want to give too much away, but figured it would be fun to share some of the inspiration I pulled over the past few weeks. We’re planning on doing a crest with our initials, lots of navy and white, and several details that give a nod to our venue’s location. It’s essentially a destination wedding and nearly everyone will be traveling in, so we want to embrace that as much as possible visually! I had a decent idea of what I wanted but haven’t come across anything that aligns with exactly, so it was tricky to articulate at first. Above is the inspiration I pulled for Serena and our planner to try and illustrate what’s in my head, and Serena immediately caught on and our first crest draft was spot-on. She knows me well and could basically take the words right out of my mouth, but also knew what questions to ask to get us thinking about what exactly we were envisioning.

Our wedding will be black tie or black tie optional so there needs to be a certain level of formality with our paper products, but we’re also incorporating some more casual elements (namely with our menu…!) and don’t want everything feeling stuffy, either. As of now, our plan is to do a full invitation suite by mail–down to the RSVP cards–and we’re intending to DIY as much as we can to keep costs down…meaning we’ll do the envelope liners, assembling, and stuffing ourselves. The letter-heavy crests, fun liners, and traditional elements above felt spot-on to me, but we’re still thinking mostly navy along with the greens and whites in this post for our main palette. It’s all starting to make sense in my head, so I’m excited to see how it plays out!

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