Weekdays vs. Weekends

I think most people would agree that one of the most challenging parts of social distancing and being home all the time is the challenge of days blending together. There are at least three days a week when J or I wake up and ask the other what day it is, and it’s not the best feeling–particularly since there’s no end in sight to this routine at the moment! There are a few things we’ve been doing to try and make the weekends feel more like…well, weekends, and make the week have structure in a way that best emulates what our old workweek looked like. Here’s what helps us…leave your tips in the comments below!

Save (most) drinking for the weekend. This is much easier said than done (and I don’t think there’s been a single week of quarantine that we’ve actually not had a drink Sunday through Thursday), but we’re  aiming to limit alcoholic consumption to Fridays and Saturdays. It’s far too easy to whip up a cocktail or open a bottle of wine for a “Zoom happy hour” or a random evening with minimal plans (so…every day, ha) but saving the fun drinks for the weekend helps us set those days apart.

Stick with a normal sleep schedule. Another thing that’s easier said than done! We’ve been trying to stick with a normal sleep schedule Monday through Friday (for me, that’s being in bed by 10ish and setting an alarm for between 6 and 6:30am) and on the weekends, have been sleeping in a little but not going overboard. This is totally just a personal preference! One of us has to get out of bed to take Millie out on the early side and rather than going back to sleep, we’ve just been taking tea + coffee back into bed with a book vs. pre-quarantine, where I feel like leisurely weekend mornings like this were kind of rare–mostly due to the fact that I’m bad at lazing around and doing nothing!

Duke’s–a great spot if you’re in the Dupont area!

Have a good breakfast to look forward to during the week. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have been cooking up a storm over the past few weeks, so take this time to whip up something delicious for breakfast! Knowing I’m waking up to something yummy always feels like a bright spot on ordinary mornings. We just made this chocolate chip banana bread but some of my other favorite breakfast baked goods include lemony turmeric tea cake, apple banana bread, and honestly…brownies or cake with a side of fruit. If your sweet tooth isn’t as strong as mine, try a make-ahead breakfast casserole, homemade granola (we love cooking from this blog), or a new coffee or tea!

Order takeout on the weekends. We’re trying to support local businesses whenever we can and that means ordering takeout Friday and/or Saturday night. It’s often tempting to do this mid-week but for the sake of budgeting, are trying not to go overboard. Treating ourselves on the weekend gives us something to look forward to! Here are some of my favorite places to order a bite.

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  1. Ashlee wrote:

    We’ve been sticking to only drinking on Fridays and Saturdays, which really makes it something to look forward to! Michael frequently asks me throughout the week … first drink choice that comes to mind for Friday, GO! ha By Thursday, I’m definitely jonesing for a cocktail, but I think you’re right in that it helps make the weekends something to look forward to!


    Posted 4.16.20 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Hahah I love that!! I was so tempted last night but resisted. You earned that spicy marg tonight!

      Posted 4.17.20 Reply
  2. tea wrote:

    yes! We do the breakfast thing as well ^^. But the first thing I do on Friday is put away my ‘home office’ setup so that’s not in the way and it feels so much better

    Posted 5.13.20 Reply