Around Here XIX

Happy Wednesday, friends! We’re well into month two of social distancing and like most of you, it’s come with all the feelings. Some great days, some not so great days, and a lot of just neutral days…gone is the perception of time and it really does feel like every day is Groundhog Day. I’ve had seven trips get the axe so far (Savannah and a wedding site visit in March, Dallas for my bff’s bridal shower in April, Seattle + Vancouver, and the wedding of two good friends in May, my bff’s bachelorette in June, and her wedding in July) and thinking what life would have looked like right now–a frenzy of work and personal travel during a turn of the seasons–actually feels surreal. Here’s a little life lately…that looks pretty different than it normally would!

Lots of TV

We’re watching a lot more TV than we normally would, and are currently binging on Silicon Valley (a great light watch if you’re looking for shorter episodes) after I mindlessly had Gossip Girl on for a couple weeks (on that note…I forget how bad the middle episodes are!). We’ve also talked about getting back into some food-related shows we’ve either started or considered starting…Chef’s Table, David Chang’s Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, and finally Salt Fat Acid Heat. I somehow haven’t finished The Crown either because it requires my undivided attention and I’m a serial multitasker when I watch TV, so that’s high on my list.

Supporting local restaurants

I’ve mentioned this in passing but we’re ordering dinner in on Friday nights and trying to patronize a different spot every week to support a range of businesses. Some of our picks have been Le Diplomate (best burger in DC),  Emilie’s, Bua Thai (our favorite neighborhood takeout), Los Cuates, Bluejacket, and our go-to Chinese food spot, City Lights. The Nina May team recently launched Feast and kindly sent a two-day brunch box over last weekend. The portions were massive and everything was incredible…it’s a great value and such a treat if you’re looking for a great brunch or dinner spread. (As an aside, the brown butter cavatelli from Nina May is one of my favorite pasta dishes–SO good!). Highly recommend a similar weekly ritual since it makes getting to Friday even more special!

Cocktail adventures

Calling these “adventures” is probably a stretch, but we have been upping our at-home cocktail game and it’s been one of my favorite parts about being home! We often made the basics (G&Ts, a liquor with whatever juice we have on hand and some seltzer, etc.) but upped our game with these cocktail cherries and have been intentionally buying oranges, club soda, and extra lemons + limes. I’ve made a pretty significant dent in a bottle of vermouth and am going through Campari and Aperol at a record pace. A go-to has been Ranch Water–thanks to that, we’ve never finished a bottle of tequila faster! Our goal has been to save drinking for the weekends but depending on the week and what Zoom happy hours are on deck, we’re at more like 3-4 nights.

New kitchen floors

We’ve lived in our place for over three years and the kitchen floors have always been the bane of my existence. They’re a grimy linoleum and are permanently dirty and a little sticky…no matter how often or hard you scrub, something always comes up. We spent Saturday installing FloorPops and it literally looks like we paid a professional to install new floors. J did most of the work and it wasn’t exactly quick, but reviews said they hold up well so we’re optimistic this is a fairly long term solution. The middle squares can be placed fast but having to measure and cut for edges takes longer, especially since the tiles have some heft and you have to get the hang of cutting them. We also moved our oven and fridge–the original plan was to cut around the feet of each, but I’m so glad we got the tiles underneath because it looks so much cleaner. Our lighting in there is garbage, but here’s the gist of it!

Floor Pops Before & After

A few purchases

I’ve been trying to keep shopping to a minimum but in addition to my quest for the holy grail of white jeans (more like replacing the low rise ones from American Eagle that I can’t bear to wear anymore), have picked up a few good things including this pullover (very limited stock, but literally down to $9), a new Mi Golondrina top (during their sale a few weeks ago), and a puzzle from Tuckernuck (currently sold out but search “puzzle” periodically to check stock). Dermstore is also having up to 20% off on a lot of the site, so I stocked up on my two holy grail skincare products–this and this–and if you’re shopping for natural skincare, definitely check out Follain’s 15% off nearly sitewide sale that ends tomorrow. My picks are below!

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