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If you read here regularly or follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love Sarah Flint shoes and that I’m an ambassador for the brand. They make beautiful, luxurious shoes (made in Italy!) that are nearly half the price of comparable luxury styles, thanks to their direct-to-consumer model. I purchased my first pair last summer and have amassed a bit of a collection since then. Today’s post highlights four of those pairs becauseeee…

…as an ambassador, I get to share a code that typically gets you $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flints, but the code is currently upped to $100 off a pair! If you’re debating a purchase, I’d recommend buying before Sunday (June 21) since the discount will be dropping back to $50 off after that. Just enter SARAHFLINT-BAMONICAD at checkout!

I wanted to style four of my six pairs (the others are my wedding shoes and a pair of booties) since they’re among SF’s most classic styles and are therefore a good way to try out the brand for the first time. As you’ll see, they’re all fairly versatile and other than the Grears, can be worn year-round. Size wise, I find SF shoes to run true to size–I wear a 38.5 across the board, which translates to an 8 or 8.5!

Sarah Flint Grear Sandals

Sarah Flint Grear Sandals

The Grear

My first pair of SFs! I purchased them myself last June and they’re what got me hooked. I love that they’re not your typical summer sandal style-wise but are still versatile and go with most things in my closet.

Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps

Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps

The Perfect Pump

If you wear heels at all, the signature pumps are game changing! They come in three different heel heights: short (50mm), medium (85mm), and tall (100mm). I’m wearing the 85mm in Taupe Suede. I actually struggle to wear heels from other brands now that I’ve experienced the “Perfect Pump,” I think largely due to the arch support (which does wonders for flat feet, too) and padding. The cut is also extremely flattering–your toe cleavage will never look better ?

Sarah Flint Perfect Sandals

Sarah Flint Perfect Sandals

The Perfect Sandal

I got these sandals right before our engagement party (which was a quarantine casualty back in March). This was actually their first time seeing the light outside our apartment but they’re built on the same last as the Perfect Pump and are just as comfortable. They also come in same three heel heights–I’m wearing the 85mm.

Sarah Flint Natalie Flats

Sarah Flint Natalie Flat

The Natalie

A beautiful, classic pair of leather pointed-toe flats. They’re my only pair of SF shoes that have had any kind of break-in period, but the leather softens after a couple of wears (I’d recommend wearing them around the house since we’re home so much right now!). I love how elegant they look and that there’s a very slight heel. They’re my only pair of dressy flats and go with everything!

Reminder: SARAHFLINT-BAMONICAD at checkout gets you $100 off till this Sunday, June 21, and $50 off after that. Feel free to reach out with any questions!


Grear sandals // Perfect Pump (gifted) // Natalie flats (gifted) // Perfect Sandal (gifted)

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  1. Ellen wrote:

    Such cute shoes and they look great on you! I’ve been coveting the Alysia slides. So bummed I missed out on $100 off! Please keep us posted if this happens again!

    Posted 7.18.20 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      They’re so cute!! I will definitely post if it goes up to $100 off again…unfortunately that’s the only time I’ve seen it, but fingers crossed it’ll happen!

      Posted 7.20.20 Reply
  2. Emma wrote:

    What color do you have in the perfect sandal? Thank you!

    Posted 5.24.21 Reply
    • Monica wrote:

      Hi Emma! I have the Blush Nappa :)

      Posted 5.24.21 Reply