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Like most of you, I’ve spent the past week plus absorbing news and information around the racial injustices that exist in this country. It’s been eye-opening and has made even more abundantly clear that we need to do more to combat deep-seated racism. As a woman of color, I’m no stranger to certain conversations and topics surrounding race, culture, and diversity. I grew up in a big city, attended a relatively diverse private school for 14 years, and had friends from many backgrounds. I went on to attend a predominately white liberal arts college and only had brief conversations with my parents about whether I’d be comfortable being a minority in my new environment. I didn’t hesitate to say yes–not because I hadn’t given the topic much thought, but because despite being a person of color, I’d hardly ever felt discriminated against to the point where being non-white felt like it would impact where I went to school. Looking back, there were definitely instances where insensitive comments were made and laughed off, but I’d never really felt that being Indian adversely impacted the way others treated me.

All that to say–I was lucky, and my experiences would have looked completely different if I were Black. “White privilege” is being discussed and broken down, but non-Black people of color have the same job to do, too. I’m a private person when it comes to discussing many topics and just like everyone else, have been reading, watching, bookmarking, and talking about all of these issues behind the scenes. Whether or not you choose to speak about them publicly or do the work quietly, hopefully everyone has taken away some action items on how to chip away at making this country a better place for the Black community. Black lives matter, and we all have work to do.

I’m going to pick back up with my regular posting schedule here but wanted to share a small handful of the Instagram posts I bookmarked over the past few days. Some wise words, some things to make you smile, and a couple new brands I discovered!

P.S. I found this video on breaking down systemic racism to be really well done. It’s only 4 minutes, and worth a watch if you haven’t already.

Lindsay Adams Art

Lindsay Adams

Sarah Wills Photography

Sarah Wills

Liz Climo

The Koop candles

The Koop New York (I’ve never been more drawn to a collection of candle scents and ordered three!)

Oma The Label

Oma The Label (They just launched a stunning jewelry line)

Estelle Colored Glass

Estelle Colored Glass (Beautiful hand blown glass)

Cali Rockowitz

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