Things I’ve Purchased During Quarantine

I started off quarantine barely shopping at all but in the past few weeks, have started scooping up a few things–a couple additions to my closet, some puzzles, and a new kitchen appliance. I’m still trying to give my wallet a break while we’re social distancing but it’s been a nice change buying something other than cleaning products and groceries :) Have you found anything good lately? Feel free to share!

ONE: NINJA AIR FRYER // We caved and gave into what has seemingly become “the” quarantine kitchen appliance. I was hesitant at first because I don’t like clutter and our storage capacity is minimal, but we were able to move some things around and create space on top of our fridge where it sits when not being used. If you live in a small space, it’s a game changer if you’re like me and minimize oven use during the warmer months. It’s easy to clean and is perfect if you like fried food but want to be a little more health-conscious. We’ve only had it a couple of weeks so haven’t tried too many recipes, but have mastered salmon, taquitos, and sweet potato fries!

TWO: OKA WALNUT BOX // My friend Sarah posted about these boxes a few weeks ago and I ordered both sizes immediately! Unfortunately the larger size seems to be sold out but the small one is actually what I’ve been using more. I’d been looking for a really specific type of functional, decorative storage receptacles and these ticked all the boxes (pun intended :)). The small one sits on one of my desk shelves and holds everyday essential–my blue light computer glasses, mouse, pen, and AirPods. The larger one is on the bottom shelf of our coffee table and we’re using it to store tech items like external hard drives and some cords. They’re a little pricey but are really well-made!

THREE: FREEDOM MOSES SANDALS // I never thought I’d buy what appear to be plastic/foam Birkenstock lookalikes, but here we are! After months of padding around in my L.L. Bean slippers during quarantine, I finally caved and got something more seasonally appropriate. I’m currently not planning to wear them outside the house but if I do end up doing so, like that they’re easy to clean and beach/pool friendly since my rubber flip flops aren’t as easy to deep clean.

FOUR: J.CREW FACTORY SHORTS // I’m normally iffy on J.Crew Factory because I’ve had numerous quality issues in the past, but I’ll occasionally take a chance and have come across some winners! These shorts are great (I got green and chambray)–they’re practically made for WFH and will be a great non-dress option for hot summer days. Size down–I got an XS.

FIVE: PUZZLES // Jigsaw puzzles have been tough to track down during quarantine but luckily Tuckernuck has been decently stocked! We finished this one a couple weeks ago and just ordered this one to do next. They’re only $18 and are 1000 pieces, yet fit on our coffee table with room to spare. There’s only one left in stock right now but check back regularly because they seem to be doing restocks!

SIX: J.CREW WHITE JEANS // My quest for a new pair of white jeans finally came to an end! The outcome was actually two pairs…I may or may not have ordered seven different styles + sizes to try on during quarantine alone! The winners were these and these. They haven’t seen the light due to COVID but I wore one pair while doing a closet purge (so wore them while I tried on every item in my closet) and they seem promising.

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