I’m Loving: September Edition

Things I’ve been using and loving the most lately definitely have a homey slant! Some of these are tried and true favorites that are no strangers to the blog or Instagram, and others are new (like this pan–it’s amazing). Online shopping and browsing has been at an all-time low for me lately but I’ve enjoyed becoming even more intentional about my shopping and focusing on purchases that help elevate my everyday as we get into the colder months!

P.S. Tuckernuck is offering 20% off almost sitewide, in case you’ve been eyeing anything or are looking to pick up some nice fall pieces! I want to highlight their pretty face masks, this top, the sandals I wore at home all summer, this sweater, these earrings, and these puzzles (we did two a few months ago and I’d recommend stocking up now while they’re in stock and on sale!).

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