My 30th Birthday

My pandemic birthday happened to be my 30th and it came and went with fairly little fanfare back in July! I touched on it here but I really hit a wall in the beginning of the month and after being relatively mentally “okay” for the start of things, everything caught up to me the way they had for seemingly everyone else back in the spring. Also, I debated whether to share much about how we celebrated on here because it felt odd to celebrate this way during a pandemic…and I also just enjoyed not documenting things knowing that I had to capture everything *just so* in a way that would be conducive to sharing on here or on social.

Anyway, onto the good stuff! My birthday was on a Sunday and we rented a car that morning to drive out to The Inn at Little Washington for the night. It’s an incredibly picturesque inn in Washington, Virginia and is home to the only 3 Michelin star restaurant in the DC area. We’ve been hearing exceptional things about it since well before the Michelin stars, and it’s been on our bucket list for the 7+ years we’ve lived here. Back in December, our original thought was to go on a big “birthday trip” for my 30th but my best friend from home was scheduled to get married the following weekend–so we opted to do the Inn as a one night getaway, knowing we’d be traveling most of the following week. Her wedding unfortunately got postponed to next summer, but it worked out well that we were able to stick with my original birthday trip (particularly since every other thing we had on the agenda for the surrounding months got canceled..haha).

Anyway, the experience was over the top and incredible! Guests of the Inn are invited to afternoon tea, are given priority with dinner reservations, and are served a complimentary breakfast. Below are some informal iPhone snaps of our room, the grounds, and [a very small sampling of] our meal. If you’re looking for an insanely memorable experience, I can’t recommend dinner or a night at the Inn enough!

A note about booking: We purchased the Celebration Package since we knew we wanted to spend a night at the Inn; the package gets you a modest discount across the board. You can definitely just go for dinner–that’s what a lot of people do, and either drive back to DC that evening, or stay at another hotel or BnB nearby.

Our cute room

One of my favorite little touches
Afternoon tea
The courtyard

Menus for the evening

Pandemic dining companions

At the top of the stairs
Exploring the grounds

The garden

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