Fall At-Home Bucket List

All of our falls look a little different this year, so I wanted to share an a social distancing-friendly bucket list that will hopefully spark some joy during my favorite season. All but one has to do with staying home–a printable version (that can be saved on a phone, too) is below!

Bake an apple pie or crisp.

The apple crop in the DMV got destroyed because of a May chill, so this is the first year in awhile we’re most likely skipping apple picking. But I’m not letting that stop me from making a pie or crisp because there is nothing better than a seasonally-appropriate dish that works just as well for breakfast as it does a la mode as dessert :)

Go through the “junk drawer.”

I only made it this far before tacking on something organizational! I promise not to make cleaning and tidying a theme for a fun list like this but going through any junk drawers can be a 15-20 minute productive win on even the laziest of days.

Send snail mail to a friend.

Team snail mail over here! Send a note to a friend just because, or prioritize getting a birthday card out to someone since you probably aren’t seeing them in person right now. I love the cards at Trader Joe’s, and you can’t go wrong with Grove Street Press, and Meghan just did a cute collaboration with French-inspired stationery!

Go for a walk in a new neighborhood.

If you live in a city, you’ve probably ticked off a few new “walking routes” in the past seven months. But even if you live in the suburbs, it’s worth driving to a new area and trying a new walk for a change! I admit that we haven’t been great about this lately but would love to diversify some of our dog walking loops in the coming weeks.

Perfect a hot toddy recipe.

The hot toddy is one of my favorite things to drink in the colder months and there are so many ways to make this cozy cocktail! This was my go-to recipe last year. We actually got these glasses last winter and while I’m ruthless about what makes the cut as far as cabinet space is concerned, think they’re worth the real estate.

Spend a day reading on the couch.

This may not be the ideal way to spend a day for you if reading isn’t your thing, but if it is–consider carving a Saturday or Sunday that’s dedicated to diving into a good book. There’s no better time than during a pandemic winter! A bunch of recommendations, here.

Make chili (with cornbread!)

Chili is one of my favorite foods to make this time of year–it’s cheap, easy, reheats well, and freezes! (I also always have a can on hand from TJ’s because all their canned chili varieties are great.) Don’t skip the cornbread and some kind of crunchy topping…I love Fritos or the Trader Joe’s Eloté Chips! If you have a favorite recipe, feel free to leave it below; I don’t have a go-to but would like to find one!

Up your pajama game.

If you haven’t splurged on PJs before, this may be the year to do it. I love Lake Pajamas and have three shorts sets that I wear year-round. I run hot so don’t usually sleep in something long or in flannel, but regularly wear these and these around the house before bed when the temperatures drop.

Burn a fall candle.

My favorite fall candle is probably Bath and Body Works’ “Leaves” and while candle shopping online can be tricky, consider sticking with a tried and true favorite this season, or go off a recommendation instead of buying solely based on name. Better yet: safely go into a store if you can, and also shop small if you’re able! This one and this one sound incredible and are restocking next week.

Deep clean the oven.

This has been on my mental to-do list for eternity and I’m determined to do it this month! We use the oven so much once the temperature drops and I swear there are lingering traces of three years of frozen pizzas.

Read a coffee table book (or two).

love coffee table books but hate that they’re often purchased for their aesthetics rather than their content. I’m guilty of buying a gorgeous book and not picking it up to read right away, but always try to make it a point to read these books cover to cover in addition to admiring them from afar. There are still a few I have yet to peruse so I’ll be making my way through them this fall!

Cook from a cookbook you already know.

Similar to the coffee table note above, how many of us have recipe books we haven’t even touched?! I admittedly have several, and while some have been saved but set aside because of our car-less lifestyle doesn’t allow for specialty grocery stores, there are others with recipes that always look delicious but I just haven’t made the time to cook.

Rewatch a TV series.

As much as I love watching new TV shows, there’s something comforting about binging on an old favorite. I rewatched Gossip Girl over the summer for probably the third time, and appreciate being able to have something mindless on in the background while multitasking or when I don’t have the energy to focus on a new plot line.

Top photo by Kerstin Wrba on Unsplash

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