Friday Things

Apparently it’s been a few weeks since my last Friday Things post but given that the passing of time has taken on a new meaning this year, I’m going to let that slide :) I’ve definitely been combing through the internet much less than I did pre-pandemic and haven’t had as many links to save and share in these roundups. There’s also just less happening that’s worthy of an update, which is what I typically did in the intro of these posts. Our weekend looks about the same as usual with the majority of it spent at home, but we’re doing one al fresco brunch tomorrow and I’m meeting up with a couple friends for bagels in the park on Sunday. I’ll also be working on holiday content…thank you to everyone who voted on your gift guide + recipe preferences on Instagram this week! Hope you’re staying safe and sane and are VOTING if you haven’t already!


+ A heads up there are lots of recipes highlighted today…starting with these brownies that I’m dying to make. I’m usually partial to boxed brownies but these look amazing.

+ Loved seeing Mackenzie’s kitchen reveal!

+ I snagged a  Nap Dress this week and while many their holiday styles sold out so quickly, there are some sizes left and you can be notified of restocks!

+ A friend sent me this recipe for mini chicken pot pies and said they were a hit. This skillet version is usually our go-to (but swapping potatoes for some of the turnip) but it makes a massive portion.

+ This vegetarian ramen recipe looks so simple and comforting!

+ I loved this piece on RBG and her husband, Marty’s, relationship.

+ How Ina Garten does quarantine.

+ A peek inside Misty Copeland’s New York apartment.

+ How good does this toasted ravioli sound? It’s always something I’ve ordered out and never made at home, but that needs to change!

+ An interview with Michelle Obama’s former assistant–and what she always had in her bag.

+ I can’t wait to see what Katie does with her new home!

+ If you’re looking for a good vegetarian chili recipe, this one is great–it has a kick, so pare back on the chili a bit if that’s your preference.


+ My L.L. Bean fall favorites (some old, some new!).

+ Our tried and true kitchen items–including the new pan I’m obsessed with.

+ The dreamiest Brooklyn townhome.

+ My fall bucket list.

+ A few things I loved in September.

+ Some recent recipes we tried and loved.

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