Hi, Hello!

Hi, and happy 2021! I took my first extended inadvertent, unscheduled blogging break ever…burnout and pandemic fatigue are real, and the feeling of being uninspired and unmotivated very much took over. (This article pretty much sums up my feelings–and I’m sure most of you can relate.) Any creative juice and energy has gone straight to my full-time job, freelance design projects, and personal life!

Despite the hiatus, there isn’t too much to report around here. We’re pretty settled in New York as far as Covid-life goes…aside from work, we’ve essentially been discovering good walking routes with Millie, walking miles and miles ourselves, determining the best off-peak times to shop at Trader Joe’s, and taste tasting different takeout options+ bagel shops like it’s our job. Planning a wedding during a pandemic is–spoiler alert–not fun, but I’ll have an update to share on that front soon. I’ve had some blog post ideas brewing and am planning to get to them sooner rather than later this time, but wanted to round up a handful of iPhone photos from the past couple of months in the meantime!

Christmas morning // Super Bowl spread

Weekend walks

Move-in day (two months ago today!) // Millie at the Lotte Palace tree

Ice skating at Rockefeller

Snowy Central Park // UES

Dreamy Brooklyn Heights

Bagels on New Years // Snowy Central Park II

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