The Best Things I Bought in 2020

I’m obviously a few weeks late with this post but started it earlier in the new year and still wanted to share, since each thing is still getting used on the reg around here!

TORY BURCH MASKSMasks were worn more than any other item in my closet in 2020–we haven’t left our apartment without one from basically the day they were “suggested” for use–and while I do like the Rhoback ones we started with, I reach for these Tory Burch ones even more. They’re very full coverage, come in beautiful patterns, and don’t suck in when you breathe. (Note that they go out of stock frequently but always seem to come back!)

LUXARDO CHERRIES: It’s truly the little things that make a difference these days and these cherries were easily one of our favorite indulgences in the past year. They’re on the pricey side but well worth it if you love the fancy cherries that nice bars include with their cocktails. We bought the double pack–be sure to use the syrup in there, too.

NAP DRESS: I mentioned it in this post but the Hill House Home Nap Dress (I have the Ellie) was easily a 2020 MVP for me, even though I didn’t get my first one mid-fall…and I now own three. Not only are they incredible “pandemic dresses” in that they’re super comfortable and loose-fitting, but they look way more polished than most styles at that level of comfortable. Size down (I wear an XS) and bonus: you can wear a normal bra as long as it’s one where the straps don’t curve out!

VUORI JOGGERS: Also in the vein of getting dressed during the pandemic…I was wearing drawstring or workout shorts every day in the summer, but wanted something other than leggings as temperatures dropped. Reviews for Vuori joggers were pretty consistently solid so I splurged on two pairs and have worn them multiple times a week for the past several months! They’re super soft and lightweight, and wash well (I air dry). I’m 5’6″ and wear a small; the regular length hit right at my ankle; if you’re any taller or want them to be full-length, I would try the long style.

ALWAYS PAN: Many of you have probably seen the Always Pan all over social media but we got it in the early fall and have used it constantly since! The nonstick capabilities are excellent, it cooks food evenly, it’s easy to clean, and it looks great left out on the stove. It also eliminated the need for three other pots and pans–a huge win given our very limited storage capacity. From what I’ve seen in reviews and heard from others, the key is making sure you don’t use it on super high heat or the nonstick will wear out quicker (the same for any nonstick pan, so it doesn’t bother me). We use our cast iron whenever something needs to be cooked on high and these are the only two pans we own right now!

NÉCESSAIRE LOTION: I’d been looking for a “clean” unscented body lotion that wouldn’t leave a sticky residue. After hearing great things about this one for months, I finally splurged. It’s well worth the $25 in my opinion…the bottle itself isn’t my favorite because the lid screws off all the way and it’s hard to get everything out of the tube when you near the end (I plan to cut mine open), but the product has been fantastic and I’ll definitely rebuy. J has been reaching for it, too!

NEW YORKER PUZZLES: Puzzles were a favorite pastime for us last year and I was happy to have discovered an excellent selection at Tuckernuck! Our preference is the 1000 piece and a good selection comes and goes for under $20. Their inventory comes and goes so it’s worth checking back in if you’re looking for a variety.

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