Hi, 2022

Oh, 2021. Full of some really high points, and some really low points, too. It will always go down as one of the most special years of my life–we got married!–but was also probably the most trying and challenging one yet. I know many of you are in the same boat so here’s hoping 2022 is kinder to us! I wanted to share a small sampling of highlights from the past year because despite all the eh, there was a lot of good I want to remember, too.


Walks with Millie // Snowy Central Park // Grand Central Terminal // Snowy Central Park Millie

One of many al fresco meals // Soft serve forever // Family walk // Weekend bagel

Vaccinated! // Park Avenue tulips // Walking the Brooklyn Bridge // Maine for my bachelorette

The day I picked up my wedding dress // Assembling our rehearsal dinner flowers from Claire // Married! // On our way to brunch post-wedding

Our wedding! Without a doubt the brightest spot of the year: we finally tied the knot! More to come but you can read a little about it here. We definitely lucked out with our June date falling when cases were the lowest and I’m so grateful that our plan B ended up mostly Covid stress-free.

One year in NYC. We moved to New York right before Christmas in 2020 and spent the first few months taking full advantage of long walks in a new city and sampling all the takeout we could :) The spring and vaccines finally allowed us to embrace our city even more and we finally got to do so many of the things we’d looked forward to as NYC residents: the Met, Bemelman’s, the US Open, Rubirosa whenever we feel like it (!), taking the subway freely (we opted to walk everywhere until we were vaccinated), just to name a few. It was hard not to be able to see friends with ease for the first few months, but as things improved, having the ability to make spontaneous plans and get together without a second thought was incredible.

Sunset on our minimoon // Night out at Bemelman’s // Birthday at Rubirosa // Morning walk views

Lobster roll in Maine // Quick trip to DC // Best chocolate cake in the city // UES

Apple picking // Fall in Central Park // Reunited with the best marg in Dallas // NYC holiday decorations

Getting our tree // The Nutcracker // Millie + tree // Ending 2021 at Minetta Tavern

Traveling again. One of the things I’ve hard the hardest time with during the pandemic is not being able to travel with ease–and I’m know I’m not alone. The only trip we took from when Covid hit to the end of 2020 (which is when we moved) was a 7 day road trip; we spent a few nights on Long Island with my bestie and then went to J’s childhood home in the country for a few days. While there were certainly benefits to having been forced to slow down, I really, really missed traveling and filling that bucket in my life. I’m grateful to have traveled to Maine, Nantucket, Dallas, Cape Cod, DC, Idaho, and Florida in 2021 and so far have Savannah, California, DC, Florida, Maine, and our honeymoon on deck for 2022!

Reuniting with family + friends. Since we didn’t travel in 2020, we barely saw any friends and family for over a full year. My parents and I are used to time apart–we’ve lived on different coasts since I went off to college–but going from Thanksgiving 2019 to June 2021 without seeing them was less than ideal. We’ve been able to see my in-laws a few times and have reunited with many friends, too; I wouldn’t say I ever took a girls weekend for granted before, but I definitely have even more appreciation for them now!

Cheers to more love, the right balance of adventures + down time, and good health in 2022!

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