20 Gift Ideas for Her

It’s finally here: My first gift guide! I’m doing them differently this year…there will be one large post with gift ideas for women (this one), another for men, and a couple more–but not 10 or so like in years past! Each post will just be really comprehensive because every time I do more posts and break things down by price or niche category, I end up wanting to include many of the same items across different guides and it just becomes disorganized having to flag things between specific categories. This should make things much easier to navigate. Also–the men’s guide will also be up by Thursday…stay tuned!

P.S. My previous gift guides–so many favorites make an appearance!

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A Quick Chat With…Beth + Christina of ChappyWrap

If you follow me on Instagram, you know by now that I (and Millie, and J) have a mild obsession with ChappyWrap blankets. I remember discovering the brand maybe a year and a half or so ago and wondering what really made them different from the other throws we had at home…I knew they were uniquely oversized and came in gorgeous patterns, but I wasn’t sure what really set them apart until Victoria told me that trust her, they’re inexplicably cozy, well-made, and unlike any other blanket. Victoria’s recommendations don’t lead me astray so I ordered one soon after and it was love at first sight (or cuddle)–these are truly the best, you guys, and I don’t say that lightly! We joke that Millie better get her own mini for Christmas because ours is her favorite place to sleep and I can safely say we have never owned a better throw.

So today, I’m chatting with the talented Beth and Christina of ChappyWrap–read on to learn how they got their start, what makes their blankets different, and what’s in store for Black Friday…let’s just say these should be at the top of your gifting list and this is the perfect week to buy!

A Quick Chat With…Beth and Christina of ChappyWrap

Currently live in: Boston, MA (Beth) and Cambridge, MA (Christina)
Current profession: ChappyWrap Founder and CEO (Beth), ChappyWrap VP Sales and Marketing (Christina)

Tell us about your backgrounds before starting ChappyWrap.

Beth: I have a background in Sports Marketing and started ChappyWrap 12 years ago after raising my children (Christina is my daughter – we’re a mother-daughter team!)

Christina: I officially joined ChappyWrap a year and a half ago. I am actually licensed as a speech-language pathologist and have a background in working with kids with severe special needs! So joining ChappyWrap was a big (exciting!) change for me.

What sets ChappyWraps apart from other blankets on the market?

Our blankets are made from a high-quality natural cotton blend (60% cotton, 40% fill fiber). They are woven on a loom and the yarns are twisted so the natural cotton is next to your skin. The cotton makes them super soft and cozy, while the fill fiber makes them durable and machine washable and dryable (they’ll stay just as soft!). They are also oversized (they measure 60×80 and will fit on a queen bed), so they make a great extra-long throw blanket perfect for covering up from head to toe, or snuggling up with someone else.

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How We Decorate for the Holidays + Have a Full-Sized Christmas Tree in An Apartment

Most of you probably know by now that J and I live in a very small apartment–it clocks in at 540 square feet, and we joke that it’s even less because Millie’s crate + beds take up a generous footprint! We’ve made it work and there aren’t many times I wish we had more space but having a dog + a Christmas tree is definitely one of those times I’d love an extra 50 square feet. One of my friends (hi, OKK!) has been asking me to do a post like this for a couple of years and now that we’ve successfully managed to have a 6 foot tree in our home for two holiday seasons in a row, I feel equipped to give my two cents on how we decorate for the best time of the year!

We live in a high rise and I’m really not sure how many people in our building actually put up full trees. We’ve never really seen others leave behind a track of pine needles through the lobby or in the elevators and there are only a handful of trees piled out back for pickup at the end of the season. A few people have storage lockers so it’s possible they have artificial ones in there, but we don’t have that extra space so I wanted to share how we deck the halls (fairly comprehensively, I’d say!) while having minimal storage of our own.

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