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Around Here XIV

Despite January moving at a seemingly slower than normal pace (I’ll say that most people complained about it dragging on, but I didn’t mind…it’s nice that time wasn’t flying for once!), it feels weird to think we’re on the fringes of spring already! It was about 70 degrees in DC on Tuesday and the forecast is calling for a wintry mix on Monday. I definitely understand the “January is 74 days” sentiment that was floating around this year even though I wasn’t doing some kind of diet in the way of Whole30 or Dry January!

Here’s a bit of what’s been going on here as of late…

Cutting out cable

I could not be happier to report that J and I have cut cable and just have Hulu Live, Netflix, and Amazon Prime! So far the only thing I miss is having The Bachelor (we don’t get ABC, but you could get an antenna or something other than Hulu Live if this is an issue for you) on in the background on Mondays, but I will gladly give that up for a savings of nearly $100/month. He still has a couple sports subscriptions (separate from cable) that allow him to watch games that are really important to him so neither of us have been inconvenienced at this point. We’re only about a month in but so far, I can’t recommended cutting the cord if you’ve been on the fence!

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Blackberry Goat Cheese Dip

I’m coming off a wonderful weekend and the Sunday scaries were so real! My bestie was in town from NYC and a few of us had a great girls night on Saturday. I also tried two new workouts–FlyBarre and Solidcore (through Classpass…get your first month free with my referral link!)–and both were so good and satisfying. We’ve hosted a Super Bowl party for the past five years and J accidentally booked himself a flight right over the game, so we took this year off and I popped over to watch with our friends next door instead. We did pizza + small apps and I made this delicious dip that I’m so excited to share! It’s easy to make but so flavorful, and is (I think) a unique twist on a typical way to serve goat cheese.

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My Weekday Morning Routine

Whenever I ask what kind of content you guys want to see on the blog, several responses always have to do with my routine in some way–be it what I eat in a week, my daily schedule, etc. These are some of my favorite posts to read on other blogs, so I figured it was high time to share something similar here myself! Today’s post is what my typical weekday morning looks like…which is a lot different than it looked when I first moved to DC post-college nearly six years ago! It took me 2-3 years to fall into a pattern that looked anything like this, and I’m happy to say that my mornings are, well, happy and productive. I’ll do a separate post in a couple weeks about how I started embracing mornings because while I definitely prefer mornings to nights, I still don’t wake up ready to bolt out of bed at the sound of my first alarm. More to come, but here’s what my weekday morning routine looks like…

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