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Around Here XIII

Coming at you with a little life lately post today! It’s been an interesting past few weeks–I put in my notice at my last job, took a week off, and started something new last week! I also definitely inadvertently overbooked myself and had plans every night besides Monday (do not recommend during the first week of a new job, but it was for fun things I wasn’t willing to pass up!) so took it pretty easy this weekend with a failed trip to the DMV (they were closed on Saturday for Columbus Day, which is today, and most of us aren’t even getting today off…), spending time with my bff who was in town for a wedding, grabbing dinner with Katie and Diana, and celebrating Ashlee and Michael’s engagement. It sounds like a lot but my plans were pretty batched during the day, so I got hours at home which was much needed and really nice!

Here are some random bits as of late, with a few unedited iPhone snaps…

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A quick chat with…. Kate Bowler

I am so excited to bring back my “A quick chat with” series and promise it’ll be a more consistent (ideally roughly monthly) thing around here! Even more exciting is that Kate Bowler of the newly released A New England Invite is sharing some of her background and experience as a blogger turned cookbook author. Kate Bowler and I have been “internet friends” for awhile and it’s crazy to watch someone going from writing a daily lifestyle blog to publishing a legit book in the span of a few years. I’m so excited for her and cannot recommend this book more highly–the recipes are digestible and not overly complicated, the photography is unsurprisingly beautiful and reminiscent of New England!

Kate Bowler sweetly sent me an advance copy to preview and photograph, and I literally made the Chocolate Chip Cake–a family recipe–the same afternoon. Trust me when I say you don’t need to be a whiz in the kitchen to cook from this book–the recipes sound fancy but are totally doable with basic skills and equipment. I love browsing fancy cookbooks as much as the next person, but prefer to cook something with ingredients that won’t break the bank, doesn’t require obscure utensils, and doesn’t leave much room for error :)

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Tell me what you think!

Hello again, friends! I’m happy to be back–I had a nice, productive yet also relaxing week and start my new job today. I basically went to Orangetheory a bunch, read, worked on a lot of backend things for the blog, and crossed off some longstanding items on my to-do list that weren’t particularly time sensitive but needed to get done. On Friday, Katie and one of my good friends from college (I introduced them earlier this year and they hit it off immediately) headed up to Annapolis for the night and drove to the Eastern Shore–St. Michaels and Tilghman Island–on Saturday. We got back yesterday afternoon and are already planning our next trip together :) More to come (what we did/where we ate/where we stayed) next week, but it makes my heart so happy when besties from two different stages of life come together 😊

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