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A Versatile J.Crew Sweater Blazer for Spring

Has this week been crawling by for anyone else? I don’t know if it’s because we were out of town Thursday-Sunday night and I need a weekend from my weekend, but something seems off and I’m not sure what it is! It’s also very weird to think that it’s already May 1 and considering how many flights I’ve booked lately, it’s easy to inadvertently look forward to the future rather than live in the moment. (Maine, Florida, Chicago, Newport, and Dallas are already on the books for summer!) Chalk it up to last weekend and some recent reorganizing at home, but I’ve been on a renewed decorating kick and am eager to make a couple small changes in our apartment. We currently don’t have a desk but both of us wish we did, so I’m determined to finally address that, and the battle to find a white bedskirt that’s not to sheer, not to frilly, and remotely close to the length we need has proven difficult now that we’ve lowered our bed from very high risers. It’s definitely true what they say about spring cleaning (and organizing, I guess) but I am here for it! Fingers crossed I’ll have some home updates to share soon.

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My Go-To Weekday Snacks for Work

TGIF! We’re currently in Dallas for the weekend to see some friends–it’s my 10 year high school reunion! I’m not sure how time has flown this quickly but it’s definitely weird to think I’ve been out of school (and living away from home) for a decade. As always, Tex-Mex and In ‘N Out are on the agenda, as is a visit to Amy Berry’s new store–it just opened this week and I’m so glad the timing worked out how it did with our trip! I’ll definitely share some highlights on Instagram!


Like many of you, I work a traditional 9-5 office job and pack my lunch + snacks nearly every day. I’m not a coffee drinker so other than a lunch break or two a week spent at a coffee shop working on the blog + emails for a few minutes, stepping out for coffee or snack breaks isn’t usually a high priority for me. I’ll always jump at the opportunity to go for a walk and get some fresh air, but prefer to save a few bucks by not buying food out during the workday whenenver possible. That being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite go-to weekday snacks…they’re inexpensive, easy to transport, and don’t require prep time the morning-of. A note that these are the more…creative?…snacks…we’ll sometimes take baby carrots, berries, or a cut up apple, so basics like those aren’t included below! I’m also weird and prefer to snack on things that can be eaten with a utensil because I don’t like getting food on my keyboard. If you’re in the same boat, I’ve got ya covered :)

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A Quick Chat With…Priya Krishna

If you’re a foodie, love to cook, enjoy eating Indian food, and/or are inspired by women who hustle and GSD, you are going to love today’s interview! (At least one of those surely applies to everyone who reads this blog!) I’m chatting with food writer Priya Krishna about her new cookbook, Indian-ishthat was just released yesterday. Priya is a full-time freelance food writer for outlets including The New York Times and Bon Appétit and authored a book just a year after we graduated from college. She’s also a friend–we spent our formative years at school together in Dallas–and it’s been so fun watching her career take off!

J and I helped recipe test for Indian-ish and let me tell you–you’re in for a treat! The recipes are the kind that feel fancy but don’t require fancy equipment or complex culinary skills, making the book suitable for anyone who wants to experiment with Indian cooking at home. Many recipes are her mom’s tried and true favorites that combine western favorites and Indian flavors– it truly makes Indian food accessible for all and will motivate you to try your hand at something new! Our book arrived yesterday and it’s beautiful (Judy Kim did the food styling and everything is incredible)…read on for how Priya got her start in the industry, her kitchen essentials, favorite NYC restaurant, and the first three recipes you should try!

Oh, and ICYMI: Mindy Kaling literally Instagrammed about Priya and Indian-ish–seriously. Goals!

Name: Priya Krishna
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Currently live in: Brooklyn, NY (though I split time between here and Dallas)
Current profession: Food writer + cookbook author

Tell me a little bit about your background.

I got my start in food by launching a column in my college newspaper about how to transform dining hall food into more exceptional, creative dishes. From there I realized how much I loved writing about and constantly thinking about food. I was able to land an internship at the Food Network via a college alumni connection, and I sold a book called Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks at the end of my senior year literally by googling “how to write a book proposal” and sending 50+ proposals out into the universe (which is insane when I think about it now). After college, I sent yet another cold email, this time to a food magazine I liked called Lucky Peach. I ended up working there (on the business side) for three years, before deciding it was time to leave because I wanted to work in an editorial capacity.

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