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Friday Things

Greetings from Dallas! We flew in last night for a family reunion of sorts and are here for the weekend. This kicks off a kind of crazy six weeks of travel + weekend plans so I tried to lay low last weekend and this week. My birthday was last Friday and J and I had dinner at St. Anslem to celebrate (it’s really as good as everyone says it is—don’t miss the cauliflower!) and the awful heat wave made it easy to mostly stay inside. We saw the new Lion King, tried out Astoria, and walked down to the mall Saturday night to watch the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 show, which was really quite cool. I’ll be here eating some of my favorite food and seeing some of my favorite people…whatever you’re up to, I hope it’s a great one!


+ I’ve mentioned them a few times over the past year or so (most recently in this post) but I’m happy to report that I finally picked up a pair of Lake Pajamas in their sale this week! It ends on Sunday and some sizes are sold out but if you’ve considered them before, it’s worth a peek to see if your preferred style is available. I got these in a medium and they’re still in stock in all sizes!

+ You know by now that I’m a huge fan of Bad on Paper (here’s my interview with them!) and look forward to the new episode each Wednesday! This week’s was particularly good—Grace and Becca discuss salaries and negotiations in the workplace. They both bring a wealth of knowledge and very candidly share their own experiences, too…I took away so much from this episode and bet many of you will, too!

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An Overnight Stay at the Omni Homestead Resort

I’ve lived in DC for nearly seven years (if you count the time I spent here during my semester “abroad” and the subsequent summer, plus the six years post-graduation) yet my bucket list for the surrounding area continues to grow! Despite not having a car and relying on friends and rental cars for day and overnight trips, I’m increasingly making an effort to explore more that lives outside of the immediate DMV!

A visit to the Omni Homestead has been on my wishlist since I first heard about it several years ago, and unsurprisingly, given our shared travel preferences, Katie felt the same way! We were brainstorming weekend trips over a wine night in May and our conversation went from trying to plan a beach trip, discovering that the Holiday Inn in Ocean City was running $400/night, and nearly immediately booking ourselves a room at the Homestead for late June instead. It was 100% the right decision and made for a wonderful 24 hours!

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: J’s Picks for Men

J and I have been together for longer than this blog has existed and he’s never written a guest post of any sort…but today’s the day! He’s sharing his picks from the men’s department in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and while he too wasn’t incredibly impressed with the selection, there were a few standout items that caught his eye. He picked up a couple of things below for himself and the rest are similar to current workhorses in his closet so if you’re shopping the men’s section this time around, hopefully it’s helpful! A reminder that many items are still being returned so they go in and out of stock…if something you love isn’t currently available, check back! (I usually just leave the tab open on my browser and periodically refresh the page.)

P.S. What I bought + kept from the sale.

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