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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Cookbooks + Coffee Table Books

I wanted to get this post up tonight because Amazon is currently offering $5 off a $20+ book purchase with code NOVBOOK18, and books are one of my favorite gifts to give! We take advantage of this sale every year (even if it’s just with shopping for ourselves) and if you’re looking to fill any gaps in your own collection or looking for book gift ideas this holiday season, definitely take advantage before the discount ends tonight!

This is a roundup of some of my favorite coffee table books and cookbooks, if you’re looking for gifting inspiration. They’re all gorgeous which makes displaying and gifting them very easy!

ONE: 36 Hours USA & Canada – The New York Times // TWO: Whiskey in a Teacup – Reese Witherspoon // THREE: Beautiful – Mark Sikes // FOUR: Elements of Style – Erin Gates  // FIVE: Classic Style – Kate Schelter // SIX: New England Invite – Kate Bowler // SEVEN: ESCAPE – Gray Malin // EIGHT: Love Style Life – Garance Doré // NINE: Cravings – Chrissy Teigen

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Around $100

I wanted to get this guide up before the Black Friday + Cyber Monday sales hit, since most, if not all of the items, will be (or already are) heavily discounted! I think it’s easier to shop for bigger ticket items this weekend both since they’ll likely be on sale, and because then you have more of a “left over” budget to work with between now and mid-December. I’ll be sharing more gift guides, including “around $50” and “around $25,” but hopefully this helps check a few of the bigger items off your list later this week!

And ICYMI, here are the other 2018 gift guides so far: My own list, hostess gifts, and gifts for people who live in small spaces.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I’ll see ya back here early Friday for a comprehensive sale roundup! This year is already looking goooood.

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: My List

Today’s gift guide is my own “Christmas wishlist,” even though I don’t actually need any of this. J and I are capping ourselves at $75 each, which makes things interesting (the shopping part is always extra fun this way!). That being said, this type of post is a wishlist of sorts and ends up being a random compilation of things that have caught my eye easily, have been on my radar for awhile, or live on my longer term wishlist. I definitely didn’t take price into account when putting this together (ahem) but if you’re looking to splurge for someone, there are a couple good ones in here!

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